Samsung aims to ship 100 million tablets in 2014

According to a report, it is visible that Samsung’s objective solely to increase the sales in the tablet market. Considering that Samsung releases revelations with consistent regularity in the smartphone market, such expansion of focus onto the tablet market can be regarded as a good move to gain a larger share of the market.

Just previously in sight, lowdowns highlighted Android’s supremacy over Apple and such developments can be attributed to setting some high competing standards in the presently competitive market. With Samsung acquiring 63% share of Android devices worldwide, focusing on the tablet market for generating more revenue and attracting a larger share of consumer market can be deemed as an advantageous move. Certain alleged information had pointed out that Samsung was set to release 42 million tablets in 2014 and the newest report depicts that Samsung is aiming high by doubling its goal to unveil  100 million units in the year ahead.Samsung Continue reading