Samsung Galaxy S5 available for $259.99

Galaxy S5Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched almost a couple of years back. Being a high end device, it is still competitive in today’s market. It will receive Marshmallow update from Samsung too. If you are on the lookout for Galaxy S5 at a discount price,┬áDaily Steals is offering a great price!

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Samsung Galaxy S5 reportedly will not feature a curved display

According to reports released by The Korea Herald, it has been revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t feature a curved display. This development is due to the fact that a curved display will amount to certain production limitations. Industry sources have reported that presently the current capacity for flexible panels isn’t that great that it can be reproduced onto the Galaxy S5 the coming year. It is regarded that smartphones featuring curved displays will be launched next year as Galaxy variants next year, according to reports released by an analyst at Seoul-based Eugene Investment & Securities. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 speculated to arrive with 4GB of RAM & 64-bit processor [Rumors]

According to reports and recently posted itemizations, it has been revealed that Samsung will officially release the Galaxy S5 featuring a 64-bit Exynos processor. This upcoming arrival will be regarded as the initial attempt by Samsung to enter into the foray of Exynos 6 series of chipsets. Based on reports by Korean media, it is understood that Samsung will be powered by a 64-bit processor and will come with 4GB of RAM. This will be advantageous for optimal utilization of 64-bit processing support.Samsung Continue reading