Apple demands the Android Source Code Records in Samsung Legal Case

Previously we have witnessed the growing tension between the manufacturing giants Apple and Samsung. This accrued tremendously after various developments surfaced up in conjunction with the Apple vs. Samsung cases. It looked like the matter was laid to rest by these competitive forces; however this battle has been highlighted again with the reigniting set of lowdowns that are associated with both of them.

With reports from various tidings, it is suggested that this conflict is being disputed near Appleā€™s home turf in San Jose, California. Based on the disclosures, it is construed that Apple has managed to present alleged accusations on Google. This is in relation with the improperly withholding potentially incriminating information. Along these lines, it seems that the Judge Paul S. Grewal has been requested to lay an agreement and force Google to dish out the necessitated source code information i.e., pertaining to the specific flagship mobile OS.Apple-Samsung
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