Samsung to reportedly introduce its all-new UI with the launch of the Galaxy S5

According to a report disclosed by Twitter handle @evleaks, it has been revealed that Samsung is reportedly planning on revamping their user interface before the manufacturing giant officially announces their flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5. Considering evleaks to be the major contributor for disclosing various tidings; this information seems legitimate as we look beyond the old, dull and outdated TouchWiz Interface.Samsung Galaxy S5

The displayable screenshots below highlight the leaked UI with its face-lifting attempts. The revealed picture displays an amateurish attempt at sprucing up the old interface, and looks more likely as a third-party theme or kind of an icon pack like displayable entity. At present, there is no official information available from Samsung regarding refurbishing the UI; but it is reckoned that such a development was in the works and it is expected that Samsung will be exploring the new UI with the introduction of newer devices.

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