Apple Ninja-ed apart after Samsung unveils its new Patented shape for its upcoming Flagship Smartphone

After being put to the walls by Apple’s accusation on the patent infringement it’s a case of putting the cards on the table now. The verdict about the patent served blatant reminder to the cruel competition in the market & the minimal chance to seize the initiative & grab forth stranglehold marking a presence. Just as we saw Samsung pulled back in the tug of war, here with we are demonstrated with its mastermind work that enhances the overall appearance of the ongoing fight.

After the arbitrament, it’s was a motive of acting fast and quick and re-claiming the importance or the respect in the competitive world and amongst rivals. Samsung undermined this possibility in a fantastically deviant manner. Apple cribbed over the rounded designs, so Samsung clinically washed out rounded corners from any further patents available. As hear-says notably pin point, certain individuals working behind this project were asked to pay minute attention to each centimeter/ millimeter pertaining to these designs so that Apple can’t even sue mini.
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