Galaxy S5 teaser video leaked; showcases camera software features, waterproofing capabilities, and much more

Talk about creating an image before it’s released! Samsung just promises to master that aspect in the newly released teaser advert. According to speculations, Samsung’s flagship the Galaxy S5 is expected to arrive at Mobile World Congress 2014 and before anyone can make conclusions regarding the device; Samsung has gone ahead and released an advert that flaunts the Galaxy S5 divulging out information on the upcoming handset.

This teaser marks its presence in the form of 36-second ad and exhibits various aspects like curiosity, peace, fun, speed, victory, connect, create, and focus, outdoor and waterproofing functionalities of the itemized revelation. These aspects are viewable by the flashing of various words in the video. Also, these are featured along with the number “5” in superscript.

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Verizon to roll out $100-$15 rebate on Samsung’s Rose Gold Galaxy Note 3 and other models

As Samsung continuously tries harder and makes advancements to grab a major share in the market; consumers are introduced to several itemizations which arrive dubbed as variants of several devices. Previously it was speculated that the Rose Gold color variant of the Galaxy Note 3 was heading out on Verizon.Note3_rosegold

Based on this released report, it is noted that this development is in the works and it will be officially unveiled with an offer that will last until January 26. Android Central reports that individuals will receive $100 mail-in rebate on the purchase of the Rose Gold Note 3. Individuals also have the option to choose the standard white or black Note 3 with $100 rebate if incase they don’t want to go for the newfangled colored variant. Continue reading

Samsung to reportedly introduce its all-new UI with the launch of the Galaxy S5

According to a report disclosed by Twitter handle @evleaks, it has been revealed that Samsung is reportedly planning on revamping their user interface before the manufacturing giant officially announces their flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5. Considering evleaks to be the major contributor for disclosing various tidings; this information seems legitimate as we look beyond the old, dull and outdated TouchWiz Interface.Samsung Galaxy S5

The displayable screenshots below highlight the leaked UI with its face-lifting attempts. The revealed picture displays an amateurish attempt at sprucing up the old interface, and looks more likely as a third-party theme or kind of an icon pack like displayable entity. At present, there is no official information available from Samsung regarding refurbishing the UI; but it is reckoned that such a development was in the works and it is expected that Samsung will be exploring the new UI with the introduction of newer devices.

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Samsung apparently has managed to sell 40 million tablets in 2013 [Reports]

Based on a report released by company insiders, it has been brought to notice that Samsung has managed to sell 40 million tablets in 2013. This number is superiorly higher considering the fact that 12 million sales have been accrued over the last three months of 2013. The phenomenal rise has been attributed to the introduction of the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition which has escalated up the tablet sales. Furthermore, it is regarded that discounts and deals during the holiday period have contributed largely to such developments. The Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 comes into sight, wherein this revelation was dished out for free by several retailers.

The significant rise can be considered to be a levelling factor according to Samsung’s records and attainable expectations. Previously back in November on its Analyst Day, Samsung had disclosed information highlighting that it was banking on to sell more than 40 million tablets in 2013.Samsung 1

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Samsung’s Galaxy Gear available at a discounted price of $240 (shipping inclusive) on eBay US [Deal]

During the time that innovations and other revelations surface up with consistent regularity, users can expect interesting disclosures as we move forward in time. Presently if you are fascinated by wearable technology and hope to purchase a gadget; then this festive period will certainly ring the bells for you. Incase prices have been the stumbling block, then this deal is undoubtedly the best one there for you!

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, the smartwatch is available for a price of only $240 from eBay. Users can avail this gadget on a 20 percent discount, along with the facility of free shipping. Having such discounted prices on Gear will surely assist in attracting consumers to grab the sense of wearable technology.Galaxy Gear Continue reading

Leaked images of Samsung’s 12.2-inch tablet, dubbed as the Galaxy Note Pro

According to reports from, Samsung’s rumored 12.2-inch slate has been dubbed as the Galaxy Note Pro. Previously we have seen reports that have highlighted the unveilment of a huge slate which is in the works; and at present comes into sight a purported image of this extra-large slate. It is difficult to reproduce the exactness and accurateness of Google’s translated text, however it is reckoned that this 12.2-inch tablet will carry the same specs as  the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition.

The device will feature in a 2,560×1,600 LCD display and will constitute 3GB of RAM. The tablet will run on the Android’s latest version, Android 4.4 KitKat and will pack in a larger battery of (9,500 mAh).note-pro-back Continue reading

Android 4.3 update rolls out for Verizon’s Samsung GALAXY Note II

The festive period has served really well towards dishing out updates and up gradations to various devices. Users have been largely benefitted with the improvements that have been brought in as a result of these updates. The latest entrant into this already featured list is the Verizon version of the Samsung GALAXY Note II. This itemized device can received the Android 4.3 update. The roll out of this update will end up bringing in couple of enhancements to the device. Additionally this update has also added in much needed support for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.Verizon--Samsung-Galaxy-Note-II-

Several other notable changes include certain improvements associated with battery life during the time that an individual utilizes Exchange mail. Additionally the callback numbers will be placed appropriately on text messages and users will be provisioned with the ability to store certain apps on microSD card. Continue reading

Samsung launches the Galaxy S4 mini La Fleur edition

Samsung and its track record for introducing variants of already launched smartphones accrue consistently as we move forward in time. The set of revelations that are released increase multiplicatively as competitors try to gain a strong foothold in the market. Samsung has had a knack of releasing these handsets with floral patterns which have been broadly dubbed as the La Fleur editions. The newest entrant in this already existent series is the Galaxy S4 mini La Fleur, which arrives as a notable addition into this category after the launch of S III mini earlier this year.S4 Mini Continue reading

Alleged images showcase the Tizen User Interface [Leaks]

Based on reports released by the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service database, several purported images illustrate the Tizen user interface. However, at present there is no accuracy on whether these images happen to be of the “new” or latest version of the interface, but it is reckoned that these leaked itemizations reveal newer designs than the batch of images seen previously.Tizen-UI Continue reading