Tizen devices slated to arrive in February [Reports]

Just previously, there were reports that highlighted the arrival of the first Tizen based smartphone which was going to be officially unveiled by Samsung at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. At present several itemizations depict the revelation in an event invitation for this event on February 23 in Barcelona. These lowdowns showcase the arrival of Samsung’s Tizen device with the set of developments that have amalgamated over time.tizen-redwood- Continue reading

French carrier SFR Reports: Android 4.4 KitKat rolling out to the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 beginning late January

It is a common premonition to be aware of Samsung’s software updates before the official announcement marks a breakthrough. French carrier SFR usually serves as the medium to release such information presenting tentative dates for software updates even before Samsung reveals out the dates. As we move forward in time, such lowdowns happen to surface up with growing consistency and at present we are viewable to some more information regarding Android’s 4.4 KitKat upgrade. SFR divulges out concrete information on the rollout of this upgrade citing that this update will be available for the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 beginning late January and early February.Android-4.4-
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Samsung to launch a 10.5-inch AMOLED tablet in the forthcoming month [Reports]

During the time that rumors surfaced up with glaring regularity, we witnessed Samsung’s plans on the release of a Samsung tablet with an AMOLED screen. Previously a lot of rumors highlighted the company’s working on such tablets, and it was suppositioned that this type of development was in the works. At present according to a report published by ETNews, it has been revealed that Samsung is slated to release a 10.5-inch tablet with an AMOLED display in the forthcoming month. The announcement is expected to go through at CES.Samsung-Full-Super-HD-AMOLED-Screen

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Samsung Galaxy S5 or Note 4 will be powered on by a 64-bit processor, ARM reports

Just previously several reports divulged information on the fact the Samsung is working on a 64-bit CPU which will arrive in 2014/2015. As these speculations arrived with consistent regularity, a senior ARM official has reacted to the rumors by stating that this 64-bit CPU will be feature in a Samsung device next year.

Such itemizations accrued up after the official unveiling of the 64-bit processor in the iPhone 5s. Samsung had followed up this announcement confirming that they are also working on their attempt to release 64-bit processors, however at that point of time there was no concrete information on the same to back their claim. Continue reading

What Makes A Good Smartphone Camera?? [Infographic]

With the advent in technology, there are a plethora of revelations being produced along the passage of time. Every innovation arrives with its exclusive set of features and functionalities and tries its streak of luck to mark a presence in the competitive market. There are devices introduced with exceptional cameras whilist we are also bestowed to camera smartphones which present their peculiar distinctive appeal with the heterogeneous set of functionalities.smartphone camera

As more and more individuals get fascinated by excelling cameras provided by smartphones, the urge to click photos has increased to a large extent with camera enthusiasts now wanting to click at every instant. The craze of integrating social networks with photo applications is highly responsible for individuals and their stimulant to share photos across these platforms. In basic layman terms, individuals usually will prefer a camera with high megapixel count which often results in the competition between smartphones dishing out better image quality being marked out separately by users. Continue reading

Samsung aims to ship 100 million tablets in 2014

According to a report, it is visible that Samsung’s objective solely to increase the sales in the tablet market. Considering that Samsung releases revelations with consistent regularity in the smartphone market, such expansion of focus onto the tablet market can be regarded as a good move to gain a larger share of the market.

Just previously in sight, lowdowns highlighted Android’s supremacy over Apple and such developments can be attributed to setting some high competing standards in the presently competitive market. With Samsung acquiring 63% share of Android devices worldwide, focusing on the tablet market for generating more revenue and attracting a larger share of consumer market can be deemed as an advantageous move. Certain alleged information had pointed out that Samsung was set to release 42 million tablets in 2014 and the newest report depicts that Samsung is aiming high by doubling its goal to unveil  100 million units in the year ahead.Samsung Continue reading

Android towers above dominating the tablet market share and revenue over Apple [Reports]

According to an analysis report published by IDC, it is viewable that Android devices have prominently gained supremacy over Apple’s iOS devices to achieve a larger share of the market in terms of revenue. It is displayable that Android revenue share has propelled to 46.2% in 3Q13, where in the process it has managed to surpass the iPad share of 45.6%. During this period, it is seen that Android’s unit share has arose and grown to 66.7%. This is quite a rise from the 58.5% which appeared a year ago.

It can be seen that Android’s share has seen an ascension to 66.7% from 58.5% that was present a year ago. On the contrary, it is seen that iPad’s share has fallen down to 29.7% from the 40.2% that was existing previously.” Android’s share encompassed of devices released by various manufacturers, notably including Samsung and Lenovo.Android-Apple Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 packs in an extended battery of 6,500mAh from Mugen Power

Quite expectedly smartphones have become an integral part and parcel of our lives and the range of functionalities provided by handsets varies with every released model. Actions and utilities can be performed at the tip of our hand. Every revelation ends up dishing out necessitated services to its dedicated users.

When a smartphone is so indispensable component of our lives, having a device that packs in a sufficient battery life can be considered to be of superior importance.  Thus the battery life of a phone encompasses to be fundamental aspect while choosing a phone.mugen-note-3- Continue reading

Samsung extends its supremacy in the Worldwide Mobile Market, populating a stagnant share of 32 percent market share

As Android aggrandizes trying to rule over the mobile platform world, its heavy usage on several devices provides a clear picture on how heavily dominated and how popular this mobile platform is in the smartphone industry. Based on a report released by Gartner for analysing the worldwide smartphone sales, it is viewable that Samsung dominates the total smartphone sales. Samsung amasses a giant share of the Android market and this development is hardly surprising. This is due to the fact that Samsung consistently releases new device irrespective of worrying about the market state or even the innovations unveiled by rival competitors.gartner-q3-share Continue reading

Samsung acquires 63% share of all Android devices worldwide, dominating smartphones, phablets & the tablets market share

With the advent in technology, the amount of devices that are released keep accruing as we proceed forward in time. Samsung plays a pivotal role in this smartphone market with the plethora of devices that are unveiled with regularity. As Android advances ahead to become the most popular platform, we are presented with numbers that illustrate Samsung’s ascension with the use of this platform.worlwide- Android-share Continue reading