[How to] Root Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini i8190

When it comes to Android smartphones, Samsung is undoubtedly the best manufacturer. Some of the devices like Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Note were first of a kind to be introduced into the market. More recently, Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 have also been released. Some users found Galaxy S3 too large. So Samsung launched the Galaxy S3 Mini.

S3 Mini
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[How To] Root Samsung Galaxy S+ (i9001)

Samsung Galaxy S Plus is a pretty good successor to Galaxy S. With 512 MB RAM and 1.4 GHz processor this device packs a  punch in the mid-range mobiles. One of the biggest advantages of a having a Samsung device is the easy rooting technique. It hardly takes 5 minutes of your time to root a samsung device and the advantages are limitless. (To see the benefits of rooting your android device you may see this article). Before you start with the tutorial here are a few tips that you can follow to prepare your device.

samsung galaxy s plus

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[How To] Root your Samsung Galaxy Note with One Click

Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the most popular device. It has breathtaking features which cannot be found in any other Android. So you might want to root the Galaxy Note to further enhance the performance of the Android. You can have a look at this article to know about the benefits of rooting.

Galaxy Note

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[How To] Root Samsung Galaxy R running ICS (4.0.4) in 5 minutes

Samsung is known to produce good, solid phones with great build quality. The Samsung Galaxy R (I9103) is a good phone with decent Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU and 1 GB of RAM.

However to harness the true potential of this device you must Root it. To Know more about rooting click here. Before you head over to continue with this tutorial I would advice you to see this article to learn how to backup data before rooting.

This is a very simple method to root your Galaxy R in about 5 minutes at the tops. This requires your phone to be running on Android Version 4.0.4(ICS).

Samsung Galaxy R

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Samsung to discontinue the supply of LCD display’s to Apple from next year

The rivalry between the two cellphone giants seems to grow at a bizarre pace by the day. Last month’s lawsuit left Samsung an bitter after taste for biting off the Apple’s iPhone. The raging war between the American and Korean giants has started to affect even the other contracts between them. As known by all Samsung being one of the primary suppliers for LCD displays for apple devices, is soon going to be a thing of the past. Samsung has decided to slowly withdraw the supply of displays to Apple and eventually completely cut off the supply by the start of next year. Other than displays Samsung also has been a supplier of application processors, displays, and memory modules for Apple.

Samsung vs Apple

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Click Screenshots using default built-in methods on Smartphones

Screenshots is nowadays a basic feature that is included in Stock firmwares(ROM). Most big players like Samsung, Sony, Motorola, etc. include a stock method to click screenshots on your android device.  These methods are usually have to be found out by accident as they aren’t usually listed anywhere in manuals or documentations.

I’ve made a list of Different Manufacturers and the methods to click screenshots in them. These methods are generally applicable to all phones of the manufacturers however some exceptions always remain.

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Web Usage Round: Apple’s iPhone 5 1-0 Samsung Galaxy SIII

After the advancements ascended through after the launching of both phones, iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S3 respectively were surfaced up in a tug of war with respect to consideration that which was the dominant force upon its arrival.  As expected the Apple haters escalated their voice over the next generation phone not efficient to be compared to the other competitive forces in the market whereas the other loyal Apple fans justified their long terming serving with Apple’s products by placing orders for the new arrival.

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Samsung planning to roll-out Jellybean update to Samsung Galaxy S 2 and Note after the Galaxy S 3

Among all the companies, Samsung too is going to roll out Jellybean updates for its flagship phones! Even after the launch of the Galaxy S III and the rumors about the launch of Galaxy Note 2, Samsung hasn’t just yet abandoned the users of S II and Note. Both these devices have gained quite a large fan following and a huge user-base!

Samsung is soon to gift these loyal customers with a sugar-coated Jellybean update. However, there are no concrete plans till now about when will be the updates be rolled out. Neither the company is ready to give a confirmed timeframe by when the users can expect the official update. They continue to hold the “no comment” stance!

Samsung Galaxy S 2

Samsung Galaxy Note

The update for Samsung S III is confirmed. It is speculated that once a stable update for the S III is released company will work hard on the release of updates for the S II and Note. To sum up, Samsung might have at least 3 JB updates soon for its ever growing customers.

In the Google I/O conference, during the lauch of Jellybean google had announced that the had provided the top manufacturers with the PDK of Android 4.1 some time before the release. So, we can expect the updates rolling out in a matter of a few months or who knows even weeks! Keeping fingers crossed that the updates will be out soon.