Take Pre-Cropped Screenshots on your iPhone

Taking screenshots is a usual facilitation on your specific handset. These resultant depictions can be used for a plethora of purposes. And these can be removed based upon the user’s preferences or requirements. Screenshots are taken on any platform and it depends on device to device with respect to taking them. It is a general facilitation that the composition of the device isn’t a great factor for residing such functionality. But whenever we take out a screen shot, usually we need to use a photo editor for cropping the same.
Traditionally there are handful ways for getting pre-cropped screenshots on both the PC and Mac, iOS. However in cases you would just want a small part from the entire screenshot. Likewise a jailbreak tweak called ScreenshotPlus serves as the advantageous factor in completing the dedicated operation.ScreenshotPlus
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Click Screenshots using default built-in methods on Smartphones

Screenshots is nowadays a basic feature that is included in Stock firmwares(ROM). Most big players like Samsung, Sony, Motorola, etc. include a stock method to click screenshots on your android device.  These methods are usually have to be found out by accident as they aren’t usually listed anywhere in manuals or documentations.

I’ve made a list of Different Manufacturers and the methods to click screenshots in them. These methods are generally applicable to all phones of the manufacturers however some exceptions always remain.

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How to Take Screenshots on Android Devices

Ever wished that you could take screenshots of your screen on your android device? Screenshot is basically taking a picture of the current state of your screen. Screenshots are often useful when you wish to share your beautiful home screen with others or want to win a bet that you placed with a friend or many such reasons.

There are several apps available on the Google Play store that allow you to take screenshot of your screen. However most of these Apps require root access.(if you are new to android device know more about root in this article.)

After a long search for the best Screenshot apps I shortlisted two apps one for with root access and one without root access.

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