Manage your Audio profiles automatically on your Android Smartphone

Ever faced an awkward situation, where your phone started ringing when you were in the middle of an important meeting or a lecture just because you forgot to put your phone on silent mode? It has happened to everyone! Well in our busy lives many a times we forget such insignificant things that can put you into trouble.

However, here is an App that can automatically manage your sound profiles called “Audio Guru”. Audio Guru is a fantastic app that needs to be pre-configured so that it can automatically can switch your sound profiles according to the time. Audio guru is available on  Google play store. There is a free version with limited functionality and a pro key App that can unleash the full capabilities of the App.

Main Screen and Modes in the Audio Guru App

The App lets you set set your mode which includes Normal, Vibrate and Sent. The other option that the App allows you to adjust is profile which can be set to Auto, Normal, Work, Home and Sleep. You can either select the profile manually or set it to Auto. When in auto mode the App will itself change the sound profiles as required according to the time set in the settings. For example: If you set that the office timing is from 9am to 5pm the app will put your phone in silent mode during this time.

Profiles and Settings in the Audio Guru Android App

You can set the auto profile by clicking on the top right Clock icon in the App. You will see two options in that work days and other. The other option is available only when you buy the PRO key. The screen for setting up the Auto profile is graphical hence it reduces the hassle to calculate the various timings. The App provides a lot of convenience and you dont have to worry about your phone ringing at important meetings or during college/school hours.