Googiri: Amalgamate the voice recognition power of Siri and Google[Cydia Tweak]

Siri, the Apple’s voice assistant has faced significant competition from the likes of other functionalities. After its release, various competitors have marked their presence in response to Siri. Just after Google Now surfaced up to be made available for iOS, there is questionable development as to which resource to prefer amidst these circumstances. There are various users who have an inclination for Siri, whereas several others are adapting to the search recognition offered by Google Now. However, what if the user wants to use both in parallel or use them in conjunction?Googiri
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How to Force Siri to Answer certain pre-defined Questions based on Activator Gestures

With the advent of technological innovation, Smartphones eventually turned out to be an integral part of our lives. Along these lines, we were treated to voice based commands which served as functionalities for interaction between mobile devices. As such advancements present their arrival in the realms of possibilities, we are provided with advantageous tweaks like Ask Assistant for improving Siri in the long run. Thus such tweaks serve as propitious utilities for using Siri easily.Ask Assistant Cydia
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How to Create Fake Siri Conversations

It is a known fact that Siri has been a hit with the masses with its set of mind blowing responses in reference to certain questions. The craziness associated with the same just keeps multiplying with every passing instance. We have all known the witty, humorous responses that are dished by Siri through its magnanimous database. However, screenshots posted on the internet are often deceptive enough and appear as an auto correct to various other question responses over the time period.

The amazing part about the whole thing is that the user can create such stories on his/her merit and dish it out for the public use. Thus, it is an interesting phenomenon to create your own conversation and share it around in your circuit. They end up looking realistic in the end, however these exhibited conversations are fake ones created by the user himself.siri
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Take advantage of Google Maps and Siri without Jailbreaking your iPhone

The announcements have stated its arrival & finally the re-introduction has surfaced up through various dispatchments. There is a widespread telecasting of their incorporation into the iOS again. Yes, the particularization itemization that is talked about is none other than Google Maps. Acting as front-page news through the various headlines, it has come to public’s eye that Google Maps  has returned in the iTunes Store.

During the time that they have been accounted as a replacement for the Apple’s iOS Maps, it has been found to be understood that these maps can be facilitated to work with Siri without even  jailbreaking the particular device.Google maps

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