Politics meets Technology:Indian Political Leader’s fans announce an Android Smartphone and Phablet in his name

Usually we hear about fusions in various domains, but an amalgamation like this coming out of the bloom is outright surprising! It is a case where politics meets technology and this group of fans from India have just managed something extraordinary and different from the current trend.

Talk about launching an independent group’s own products in a remarkable fashion! No leaks presented, no teasers dished out and not even a small sight of any rumor. And guess what, an independent body supporting the Chief Minister of Gujarat state in India, Mr. Narendra Modi have marked their presence in the Indian Smartphone market by carving a name for themselves by announcing “Narendra Modi” branded products for the Indian consumers. Hence, the suffix “NaMo” to the devices!

Such a development is not very popular or do not occurs with regularity and this unveiling of products can be considered as a mechanism by which technology can be used as a catalyst to attract and captivate the followers for support in political activities.

Smart NaMo Smartphone
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