Android 4.3 update rolls out for Verizon’s Samsung GALAXY Note II

The festive period has served really well towards dishing out updates and up gradations to various devices. Users have been largely benefitted with the improvements that have been brought in as a result of these updates. The latest entrant into this already featured list is the Verizon version of the Samsung GALAXY Note II. This itemized device can received the Android 4.3 update. The roll out of this update will end up bringing in couple of enhancements to the device. Additionally this update has also added in much needed support for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.Verizon--Samsung-Galaxy-Note-II-

Several other notable changes include certain improvements associated with battery life during the time that an individual utilizes Exchange mail. Additionally the callback numbers will be placed appropriately on text messages and users will be provisioned with the ability to store certain apps on microSD card. Continue reading

How to Enable or Disable NFC on your Windows Phone 8

As we advance forward in the age of developing technology, Windows OS based Phones have marked their presence in this transcending age of Smartphone market. Slowly and steadily as NFC transcends its way inculcating into Smartphones, we are treated to newer Smartphones that are bestowed with this functionality. Generally, most of the Windows Phone 8 devices have NFC. However, this currently is disabled by default. This tutorial will provide a guide to turn this feature on and then the user can utilize this process to send media files.
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How to Get Ubuntu’s Gestures on any Android device

With the advent of technology and the developments that surface up along the course of time, we are presented with various modifications and improvements for our handheld devices. In such manner, a user can employ high customization on his/her device to provide a beneficial view with respect to the appearance on the specific device. As Canonical made their presence felt releasing the first look of Ubuntu for phones previously, here we are highlighting an app which enables in providing the necessitated functionalities of dishing out similar features to all Android devices out there.

The highlighting aspects with respect to Ubuntu on phones were regarded by the fact that a simple app launcher provided the necessitated functions. The propitious manner was that the user could launch an app from anywhere in the OS. This was done simply with a swipe from the left edge of the screen. In such a manner, an app called as Glovebox provides the similar functionalities which thus are regarded to be an advantageous arrival over the course of time.Glovebox-Android
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How to Redownload the entire list of previously purchased Apps or Games on your Windows Phone 8

As apps and games present their arrival in the Store depending from time to time, the ease of use facilitated by these significant creations and disclosures engineer some fantastic proportionalities based on the intended targets. Slowly and steadily as apps are developed in almost all categories, the variety introduced by these innovations serve the user in a largesse way. These beneficial aspects dish out some optimum advantages during the time that these utilities are provided to the user.

However, a scenario may so arise that an individual just switches from one Windows Phone to another owing to different reasons and in such instances he/she will want to download all the apps or games that the user likes at regular intervals of time. Therefore, in such situations the user will want to find them in the Store and it may so happen that the particular individual doesn’t remember the specific names. Thus, this is a tedious task and accessing the repository of previously purchased apps and games can prove advantageous in such circumstances. Utilizing the referential purchase history from the   Windows account and installing the respective apps in plethora from there will serve profitable in every regard. Thus, described below is a process to facilitate the same.
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How to prevent kids from purchasing Apps or Games on your Windows Phone 8

It is a general notion that usually parents give their handset to their children for playing games, using certain applications or other respective tasks. However, during the time that the child plays along on the phone there can be instances when the child visits the Store and downloads certain games or apps without even taking prior permission of the parent or the user. In this fashion the particular individual may purchase apps, download games in a particular time frame without the consent of the user. This can get highly terrifying if your credit card is attached with the account of the user.

Therefore to tackle such a situation and prevent it from happening, the user can facilitate the aspect of employing a PIN code on their device and later configure the system to ask for the code every time the particular individual tries to purchase a app or a game from the Store. The following is the procedural way how this operation can be performed on your Windows Phone 8.wp8
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