Your Friends can wake you up in the Morning using the SMS Morning Call


It may have happened many a times that an important meeting is taking place the next day and an individual misses it due to oversleeping. A smartphone does come with an Alarm but many times people forget to keep an Alarm to wake them up. Also, some people are deep sleepers, so even an Alarm may not be able to wake them up. This is no longer a problem for a person using an Android device. The SMS Morning Call app provides a very simple solution to this problem.

SMS Morning Call is available on the Google Play Store for free. It is a nice little app with great utility. SMS Morning Call allows someone to function as your own concierge, and send you a specific keyword that triggers an actual Alarm on your phone at maximum volume. This of course won’t save the user from the reflexively throwing the phone across the room in an effort to shut off the Alarm, but it could very well save the user’s job.

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