SMS Replier Automatically Sends Messages in case of a Missed Call

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. But it is not possible to be around phones during entire course of the day. There are several instances where an individual might not be able to receive calls. When a person is sleeping, in a meeting or watching a movie it becomes difficult to answer the incoming calls. In such cases, a handy app named SMS Replier can be used.

SMS Replier1

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Send and Synchronize SMSes via PC using MightyText

Smartphones have evolved into devices with minimal hard keys and a huge touch screen. The touchscreen, undoubtedly, is pretty cool. But However everyone has a moment when he/she is irritated by the constant need to look at the screen while typing. It is at such times when you wish you could type using your PC keyboard. Life would had been so much easier!


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