Sony rolling-out the ICS update for the Xperia P

Sony has finally started rolling out ICS updates for Xperia P. It may seem a little late for an ICS update considering the launch of Jellybean, but better late than never! The update is however said to be worth the wait.
Sony Xperia P
Sony has introduced many new features into the Firmware other than the basic changes in the Android update. Have a look at the video:

The Firmware is much smoother and responsive as compared to the earlier version. A few features of the update are:

  • Face unlock and other lock screen upgrades.
  • New resizeable widgets to fit the Homescreen.
  • One of the main features is the New Walkman Player App instead of the regular Music App.
  • Overall performance upgrade.
  • “Swipe to Delete” Notifications.
  • Better looking interface and a few extra Animations.

It may seem a little late for an ICS update when other companies have started working on the JB updates. But, Sony is one of the only companies that has launched ICS updates for its entire Xperia 2011 and 2012 series of phones, which takes considerable time and resources. Xperia P users will be satisfied with the latest update and who knows, maybe the company is planning a JB update too for this handset!