Re-appearance of the alleged Sony Xperia Z1S, raising dubious questions over its naming [Photos]

Just last week we were introduced several tidings that hinted the arrival of the Z1S, which was officially regarded as the Z1 mini. The alleged information reported that Sony was planning on launching the  Xperia Z1F, however this story dint progress as per the plans that were reported to be. As we move forward in time with new-fangled innovations, we are displayable to some more rumoured information about the handset. Till the time the device actually goes official, several pictorial depictions highlight some more lowdowns on this device.Sony Xperia Z1S alleged photo

The released pictures via Digi-wo showcase the rumoured device besides the regular-sized Xperia Z1 so that it provides a clear referencing between these competing devices. As seen from the image, we are highlighted with the fact that the phone’s screen has shrunken down with the size of the bezel reducing too. But it is noted that such developments have been incorporated into the handset to accommodate top-notch hardware that Sony is planning to deliver to its customers. Continue reading