Test Internet Speeds on Smartphones using the Speedtest.net App for iPhone and Android

As the technological advancements surface up creating a storm with respect to the variety in phones that are brought up, it is an interesting phenomenon with the heterogeneity in the features & the other aspects. The notability using a Smartphone involves employing a particular Internet connection using the specific carrier. During such times, a speedy connection will serve as the intelligent factor in crucial emergency situations.

We have already had a glimpse of how we can monitor the data usage using this article, however how can one test the internet speeds of the respective connection is a question unanswered. In the process of vouching for a higher data plan, one must also know the speed that the Internet operates on. This is because merely working on a large capacity data plan with relatively low speeds isn’t a good sign of the effective utilization of the entire setup.speed-test-net

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