Sprint Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 appears online [Leaks]

It is a noticeable fact that Samsung strives to put in efforts to garner a large share of the market. Along these lines, we have seen a plethora of devices being launched that serve to different price brackets and provide their respective functionalities. Back in August, it was visualized that the Galaxy Mega 6.3 phablet will be available on Sprint carrier, apart from being available on AT&T and U.S. Cellular. Although other carriers had presented information on the pricing and availability of the device, Sprint gave no indication on officially unraveling the device on the Sprint carrier.

Now finally we are treated to leaks and depictions on the existence and the actuality of this information where Sprint is preparing to release this handset. Even though there is no carrier branding on the leaked itemization, this leaked picture by evleaks displays this revelation for the consumer’s view.Galaxy Mega Continue reading

Galaxy S4 Mini with Home Button Branding for Verizon appears online [Leaks]

According to reports from evleaks, a Verizon variant for the Galaxy S4 mini has been revealed. This itemization exhibits the development of these US carriers obtaining this handset for the respective customers. Just previously, Sprint and AT&T provided this model but now Verizon has entered the race to present out the device with a touch of individuality. This is due to appearance of the Verizon logo [Home button branding] which is present on the home button of the device. This follows along the same lines as the case of Galaxy Note II the previous year.verizon-s4-mini-leak

Previously this model had leaked under the Bluetooth certification as SCH-i535. However it was made official when this specific Verizon variant passed the Bluetooth certification under the model number SCH-i535L. It is regarded that this device will be launched at the same time on all the carriers and it remains to be seen when this device goes official.

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