Task Paper: Create task lists wallpapers on Lockscreen, Springboard and never miss on your pending tasks

Sometimes organizing a list of to-do activities, noting down an agenda for the day, implementing a dedicated plan is a tedious task and gruelling if to be performed separately aside on the paper. However, there are certain apps present which allow the user to create to-do lists. This is a fantastic prospect, but during instances the user can neglect the possibility or the alarm in case of busy times or when the user can’t access the handset at that particular point of time.

Therefore, having an app that facilitates this aspect as well as provides additional further benefits to the entire situation is of considerable importance than merely creating to-do lists. Enter Task Paper!

This is an app which is responsible in creating the exact to-do task functionality, however the best part is that the user won’t ever forget such tasks because the list is placed on the lockscreen or either as a wallpaper on the Springboard.Task Paper app

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