Temple Run Cheat: Get Unlimited Coins using this Simple App [APK File]

It is safe to say that Temple Run was 2012’s most popular game! First released on iPhone and soon to followed by an android version, this game has been on top downloads on both the leading app stores. It enjoyed tremendous popularity for it’s unique gameplay. Unfortunately, low-end devices cannot enjoy this game, however here is an article which can help you to run temple run on low-end devices.

unlimited coins

It’s a lot of fun collecting coins, unlocking powerups, unlocking new characters, etc. However all rooted android users must know the pain of loosing all high scores every time you flash a new ROM. It’s such a pain to start the game all over again with 0 coins and unlock everything again. Or even for first tie players who want to just skip all the unlocking, buying power-ups and want to enjoy the game to its full extent. Or those who don’t care about collecting coins and just to create the highest score possible. We have a solution for all of you, Temple Run Patcher.

Temple Run Patcher is available was available on Google play. It is a non market app. What is basically does is adds 1,000,000,000 coins to your game, in other words unlimited coins.


  1. Download and place the temple run patcher.apk file in SD card.
  2. Now install the file using any file manager.
  3. Run the patcher and press PATCH TEMPLE RUNTemple run patcher
  4. Now run the game to see that your points will be increased to
  5. Now you can unlock all power-ups/characters and enjoy the game!
  6. At any point you want to remove these added coins simple press restore backup button in the app

This app only helps you to get unlimited coins, as far as high score goes you’re on your own. So buckle up and break the high scores!