Background Manager: Allows True MultiTasking with All Apps on iOS 6+

Multitasking is an integral aspect of carrying out operations using Smartphones. Performing a plethora of tasks and operations at the same instance of time is an advantageous functionality unparalleled by anything else. iOS provides a decent experience while multitasking on the particularized devices, however a few app releases serve as propitious resources for enhancing this aspect and improve the multitasking experience.

Background Manager is another such functionality which produces the necessary goods and services for employing the multitasking operations on your specific device. This Cydia tweak helps in provisioning out multitasking for all apps and the user also has the facility to change the settings for each of the individualistic apps. Additionally, the apps can be configured accordingly in order to be kept active dependent on the task managing operations that are being performed simultaneously at that crucial juncture of time.
Background Manager
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How to Export All Multimedia Attachments in Message Threads [Cydia Hack]

Usually the stock Messaging app is an advantageous functionality for the iOS users; however there are a several reasons to oppose the same as well. It is a tedious task searching for media files in the various message threads, especially for individuals that have a plethora of messages existent in the inbox.

It is an eye opening possibility as to why the particularized search feature cannot be used for this specific purpose. It is because the search feature doesn’t work along with all the threads. Nevertheless a fantastic solution is available to the existent governing problem that assists the progress in simplifying the particular aspect. MediaExport is the released jailbreak tweak which assists the progress in completing the dedicated motive. This is done by simply presenting the respective images and videos that are saved in the messages; and allowing them to be saved with the option of sharing them later.MediaExport
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CloudLover: Cydia Hack that allows Quick Accessing of iCloud Tabs in Safari

Usual users of iCloud will have an idea that iOS 6’s native web browser possesses the option to visit iCloud inside the bookmarks. However, many users would have wished for the presence of a separate tab for the particularized purpose. This is due to the fact that the native option isn’t a convenient solution with the referencing situation.

CloudLover is a beneficial functionality that aims to solve the problem. This is done by the virtue of allowing several users to utilizing the existent buttons on the browser and adding gestures to them for simple access to the synced tabs.CloudLover
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Utilize SubIc0ns & create App Shortcuts On LockScreen and Springboard’s Sidebar [Cydia Tweak]

Usually Cydia tweaks are remarked as advantageous functionalities due to the plethora of tweaks available for the completion of various tasks and other operations. Thus there several tweaks which possibly serve as beneficial resources for the jailbroken iOS users. The plethora of features provided by the respective tweaks aggrandizes to prove more beneficial than the apps released on App Store.SubIc0ns
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