How to Password Protect Photos or any Other Apps on your iPhone

Traditionally, iOS assists in the setting a passcode to protect your files, photos and documents that are resident on your device. However, it is a tedious process to continuously unlock the device and type those digits or the specific alphanumeric password everytime. In various situations, other individuals can invade several apps and take advantage of this opportunity and play around with the apps. To overcome such circumstances, a developer has facilitated a Cydia tweak which provides the necessitated security to protect that particular device’s photos with a password.Protect-Photos-
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How to get HTC One Clock and Weather Widget on iPhone

Traditionally, it’s a common discussion to involve differences between Android and iOS and later present out the advantages and disadvantages associated with the respective platforms. Every individual has his/her own opinion which is catered across the debate to willingly put away the point with a positive resultant impact. In such cases, it is imperative to understand that each platform will have its fair pros and cons which will be supplemented by the respective users. However, usually widgets are the fascinating set of things the iOS users lose on their respective handsets and there was no provision previously to exactly replicate another Android device’s widget onto their specific handset. But, slowly and steadily as technological advancements paved ways to improve the quality of life and ease user’s functionalities; thereupon came into existence the marvelous perspective of Jailbreak.

With the aspect of jailbreaking, the iOS users can take benefit of such a tweak to facilitate the necessary operation of installing HTC One X’s weather and clock widget on their respective device. Coming up through the years, Cydia constitutes for a plethora of Sense UI inspired themes which are resident in the repositories for the jailbroken devices. Along these lines, the HTC One X version has also been made available for the jailbroken iPhones.

HTC One Widget
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Utilize FakePercent and Fake your iPhone Battery Percentage

An amazing tweak, yet as funny and proving as a prank to be utilized on various phones. Such is the tweak called FakePercent. The fact that it is available for free ascends the entertainment levels a notch higher and it presents out an enjoyable aspect to the overall scenario. A gladdening tweak that serves as the perfect fit for changing the battery percentage levels to any number as and what you desire. This can be changed to a single digit or 4 numerical digits as dependent on the user’s wish. The individual just has to type and the particular thing will be saved on the device. Thus, it acts as an effective manner to fake the battery percentage. Along these lines, the user can set the percentage to be 100%, when at that actual instance there is only 5% battery left. It is construed to be working on iPhones and iPods upto the latest firmware.

Even though it is an old tweak, the consistent updating of the respective tweak has resulted in the fun being relived at any instance supplementing a convivial approach for its users. The only point to be noted is that the tweak requires a Jailbroken phone. This is because it is a Cydia tweak and is available on the Cydia’s BigBoss repository, free of charge for jailbroken devices.FakePercent
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Utilize FullForce Hack and Stretch the old iOS Apps to Fit properly on iPhone 5 Screen

Jailbreaking your iPhone offers a variety of benefits. This can range from simple tweaks of changing fonts to efficient customization using themes, smart tricks to facilitate the desired aspect on the respective device. Jailbroken device provides immense functionalities along its course which helps in enriching the overall perspective of the particular handset. With the recent speculations about jailbreaking devices having finally surpassed, the ease of use dished out by the Evasi0n team has inducted superior benediction associated with the iOS users. During the time that an individual employs a jailbroken facility, the utilization of Cydia explores a wide heterogeneous aspect of the tweaks provided which provides optimum benefit to the users in such regard.

We have already talked about how an iPhone can benefit from Jailbreaking. This exemplified the in-depth approach the how an iPhone can benefit employing Jailbreak on the iOS device. However, in such instances it may so happen that some apps may not fit on the iPhone 5. But, a newly developed tweak by Ryan Petrich has facilitated the solution for the ongoing problem. The manifestation of such a tweak is responsible for facilitating the legacy apps to be displayable in full screen mode on devices as taller as iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th generation.
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Utilize TweetAmplius on iOS and write Tweets beyond the traditional ‘140′ Character limit

Social networking has made a significant progress in the lives of people & the associated attachment with respect to them just keeps escalating with every new revelation.  As Twitter advances to become the traditional source of sharing, the medium for interaction amongst others and the place to share some anecdotes or things present on the mind; there is always a constraint that keeps the user from expressing the entire matter in the particular tweet. This is the restriction placed on the character limit with respect to tweeting on a particular thing.

Even though it’s a common aspect that 140 characters is a perfect limit for dishing out the small information, hilarious quotes or opinions about something, however there can be instances & other various situations where you will want to type beyond the dished out limit. Thus to facilitate this aspect a variety of apps are available which serve functional for the completion of this task, but the concern that remains is that these apps are made serviceable with the use of third party clients. Therefore having an application which can intermingle with the traditional Twitter app & still facilitate this functionality is of significant benefit when considering the issue for having more than 140 characters.TweetAmplius

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Use DismissMyKeyboard App to Hide the Keyboard on iPhone or iPod Touch

As we progress forward, the amount of tweaks, tricks that are dished out for the individual’s use keep on escalating with the course of time. There are newer, improved tricks that are provided for the users to facilitate the required operation and complete the intended task. During instances it may so happen that sometimes the keyboard is brought up accidentally while performing some other task at this point of time. Hence, there is a continual attempt on getting rid of such an irritable situation.

However, catering to find an app to solution for this particular problem isn’t the exact way on how this problem can be solved. Along these lines as we slowly and steadily proceed to certain disclosures, a solution called as DismissMyKeyboard has been found for the jailbroken devices. This notability has been resident on the Cydia Store and is regarded as a tweak which can be utilized to dismiss the keyboard on iPhone and iPod Touch. A simple gesture is used to facilitate the same.dismissmykeyboard
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