Utilize SubIc0ns & create App Shortcuts On LockScreen and Springboard’s Sidebar [Cydia Tweak]

Usually Cydia tweaks are remarked as advantageous functionalities due to the plethora of tweaks available for the completion of various tasks and other operations. Thus there several tweaks which possibly serve as beneficial resources for the jailbroken iOS users. The plethora of features provided by the respective tweaks aggrandizes to prove more beneficial than the apps released on App Store.SubIc0ns
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Utilize FullScroll Tweak & View any iOS App in Full Screen [Cydia Tweak]

Initially after the taller screen of the sixth-generation iPhone came into existence, the primary thing was to optimize the specific work of App Store and Cydia developers to suit the taller screen. Along these lines, several tweaks and tricks were developed that and assisted the users in the progress of viewing the entire display on screen. Also, there were various ones which offered the full screen mode.
There were several tweaks that provided the resultant functionalities with respect to this domain, however a new jailbreak app called as the FullScroll has bestowed a propitious medium to functionalize the same aspect of having a full screen mode for any app. Additionally this app is also responsible for making the title and the tool bar disappear from the phone’s screen. This has been developed by the Cydia developer Ryan Petrich.

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Add a Piano Passcode to your iPhone Lockscreen

Everyone likes to customize their devices using a variety of tweaks and tricks. Cydia serves as the advantageous functionality in this case. Often individuals can customize their devices using themes, cydia hacks, jailbreak tweaks or even various other apps. Along these lines, a Cydia tweak called Piano Passcode serves as an expedient element in the realms of the possibilities.Piano-Passcode
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Atom: Pin 6 Apps at once on your iOS Lockscreen [Cydia Tweak]

Usually it is a common aspect to see tiny apps floating on the home-screen of Android devices. Well, this magnifies an uncluttered interface & dishes out a mechanism to place these apps anywhere on the home-screen  Along these lines we have been introduced to a tweak by the iOS jailbreak community which helps the iOS users on placing 6 apps on the lockscreen in an easily manifested fashion. This is by utilizing a Cydia tweak named Atom which provisions out the concept of placing 6 apps on the lockscreen.

Atom Cydia Tweak
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How to Make your iPhone do the Harlem Shake

Previously, Harlem Shake transcended out a weird craze amongst the individuals. This was seen by the plethora of videos that surfaced up over the course of time relating as the Harlem Shake videos. These Harlem Shake videos came into existence right from the Airline staff going bonkers to the mad extent of the Australian miners performing an underground version of the dance. Also seen were multiple military parades following this crazy development. We have already seen real life examples of such a proportionality, but no one whether wondered whether such a development can be incorporated into the technological mainframe. harlem-shake
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How to Empower Animated Apple Boot Logo on iPhone

Usually Cydia is a propitious utility that provides all the necessary performance-enhancing tweaks. However, it is also useful for dishing out other resources that enrich the overall appearance or provide a medium for changing the device for good. Therefore, the aspect of customization is a beneficial perspective in regard to performing tweaks and tricks on the handheld device.

Along these lines, developer Evan Swick has developed a tweak for the jailbroken devices which nourishes the complete demeanor of the particular device. This Beacon tweak is for the addition of a touch of animation to the existent Apple boot logo. Previously, there have been several tweaks available that have been useful for changing the boot logo, but these substitute alternatives aren’t of great use when they are employed on the respective devices.Animated Apple Boot Logo

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RingerX Hack: A Cydia Hack that lets you set Custom Alerts for Contacts and Specific Apps

As Smartphones constitute to be integral components of one’s life, the ever-increasing functionalities produced by these devices accrue with the resultant facilitation of apps and other utilities. These beneficial aspects serve hugely advantageous along the course of time. Thus, during the time that various applications are resident on the device; a set of notifications are always presented out to the user when these applications are in the active or running state.

It is a common notion for the notifications to reside on the device. They are somewhat like the trademark association when we relate to iOS. Slowly and steadily as developments aggrandize ahead in time, the aspect of customization, tweaks, and tricks that can be performed on the handset can end up improving with every passing innovative procedure. These enriching functionalities are responsible for improving the experience in a much better way. Usually default notifications serve as good resources; however jailbreak developers dish out a new functionality which surpasses the stereotyped experiences. This exhibition is presented from the fact that a Cydia tweak named as the RingexX VIP produces the necessary change with respect to the respective task.

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Use iTransmission 3 App as the Torrent Download Manager for iOS 6

It is a traditional activity to download torrents at regular intervals during the course of time. Usually, there are a plethora of tweaks, tips and tricks available to download Torrent on iOS. Each specific tweak rolls out functions & provisions the unique facility for the particular intended task. Amongst the available ones, the recent arrival of a newer version turns our tide in the favor of iTransmission. This particular tweak facilitates support for the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak devices and is packed along with some more updates.
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Pimp My ROM: The Ultimate tool to MOD your Rooted Android device

Pimp My ROM

Android is best known for it’s ability for customization. One of the primary reasons for one to buy an android device is to have complete control over their smartphone. Customization being a very important part of the motives for buying an Android device. Living up to it’s reputation Android provides a very wide variety of MODs and Customizations. But often one faces difficulties in finding various different MODs on blogs and websites on Internet. Many times you wish there was a common repository for universal MODs and even better if there was an app to apply the same in a matter of a click.

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