Utilize TweetAmplius on iOS and write Tweets beyond the traditional ‘140′ Character limit

Social networking has made a significant progress in the lives of people & the associated attachment with respect to them just keeps escalating with every new revelation.  As Twitter advances to become the traditional source of sharing, the medium for interaction amongst others and the place to share some anecdotes or things present on the mind; there is always a constraint that keeps the user from expressing the entire matter in the particular tweet. This is the restriction placed on the character limit with respect to tweeting on a particular thing.

Even though it’s a common aspect that 140 characters is a perfect limit for dishing out the small information, hilarious quotes or opinions about something, however there can be instances & other various situations where you will want to type beyond the dished out limit. Thus to facilitate this aspect a variety of apps are available which serve functional for the completion of this task, but the concern that remains is that these apps are made serviceable with the use of third party clients. Therefore having an application which can intermingle with the traditional Twitter app & still facilitate this functionality is of significant benefit when considering the issue for having more than 140 characters.TweetAmplius

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