Vine establishes separate vanity URL profile reservations for verified Twitter users

Proceeding through the developments, Twitter has lined up significant advancements on verifying users vanity URLs for respective profiles for Vine’s short video service. Individuals will need to navigate to login through their credentials on Vine’s website for reserving the specific URL.URLs

Users who would be verified accordingly, will have their profile usernames reserved automatically. Additionally, individuals have been also presented with the ability to request for usernames as long as it doesnt conflict with any other user’s account. Users are advised to choose these URLs carefully as Twitter reports that these URLs cannot be changed repeatedly.

Users who dont have a blue check besides their profile will need to wait until December 23for receiving a custom link. Unverified accounts wont be having their username URLs reserved, so individuals will need to grab these before they really run out of the available ones.

Such development is an interesting growth for Twitter considering that its expanding into more dimensions than merely staying stagnant with mobiles. This type of growth will prove to be an advantageous aspect for the service as it may aid in grabbing a larger consumer base than the presently available one.

Download and View Vine Videos Offline

Since the time it has been released, Vine has served as a beneficial utility for the users. But, the app requires internet connectivity to work with and users are provided with no option when the user wants to download Vine videos for offline use. Currently users are allowed to share these particularized videos within the individual’s own account or users have the facility to post these on to Twitter.

During the time that users want Vine videos offline, a jailbreak tweak called VineDownloader presents a beneficial utility for the users. As such no complex Settings or configuration will be required and the normal features of Vine keep working efficiently.VineDownloader Continue reading

Customize your Twitter Sharing Text from Safari

Some circumstances may arise where-in you would want to customize the share text which usually appears during the time that you share a link from Safari using Twitter. In such cases, having a simplified utility will help in proving to be a resourceful measure.

SafariSharePatcher, a new jailbreak tweak is the utility which helps in performing the user’s ntended operation. Because it is a beta tweak, currently this tweak isn’t yet available on the default Cydia repos. The users are allowed to customize text with the option of the preference panel located in the settings app.
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Add Social Profile Shortcuts To Contacts App On iPhone

Jailbreaking an iOS has its fair share of benefits and utilities. The availability of employing customization on devices and altering and tinkering with specific areas of the device presents an advantageous outlook. Having the option of tweaking by performing operations & trying out certain tips and tricks, the users are benefited in a large way by improving the customization aspect on your iOS device.

Along these lines, a new tweak by the name of Gotha iPhone and iPod touch tweak comes in sight for featuring a new gesture based initiative in relation to Contacts and Phone app on the device. Gotha provides a gesture based user-experience along with the facilitation of different social outlets. This can be made available directly through the native Contacts app on the iPhone and iPod touch and several users are allowed to perform left and right swipes for invoking newer actions. Such actions assist in introducing different methods for interaction with the address book entities.Gotha for iPhone
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New Vine Update for iOS Gets a New Camera, Revining, and channels [Coming soon to Android]

During the time that we saw Facebook give Instagram a new video feature, it was understandably claimed that Vine was supposedly going to move in amidst the shadow of this development. Traditionally even Vine offers to take short videos and post them to a Twitter and Instagram on the news feed type facilitation. Thus it is notably regarded as Twitter’s own short video social network. Hereupon as we view Instagram’s addition of video along-with its branding as a hugely popular photo service, such a development possesses a chance to potentially kill Vine off for good.

However, this was just a suppositioned aspect that was visually looked as an accidental factor. To ensure that such a thing never surfaces up, Vine has released out a new update to the service’s app. The newly updated app provides newer functionalities along-with improving the existing functionality.
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Vine for Android brings the search bar, allowing users search with hashtags and Facebook sharing [Updated]

Users possess a wide variety of apps for Twitter and there are several options to choose from. We had published an article wherein we had presented Top 5 Best Twitter Apps for Android users. Additionally, Vine is also an advantageous functionality that helps to achieve our intended purpose of using Twitter on our handset. This has been available since a long time, but traditionally users have repeatedly criticized the app to be lacking in key features. The most common annoyance was that the lack of key feature like a search bar. Finally this has been implemented with the app and the first update has resulted in porting these features into the specific app.vine-android.
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Facebook Adds Twitter-like Hashtags to your News Feed

It is known fact that Facebook and Twitter are the two largest social networks in the world and both provide the distinguishing features and functionalities in their respective domains. Previously we have seen Facebook borrow certain features from the Twitters and now another eye-opener serves as a highlighting factor that has proportionated into a resourceful change. This development is in the form of the famous hashtagging experience of Twitter being brought to Facebook’s News Feed.FB-Hash-Tags
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Download and Install Vine App for Android

Twitter today announced the impending arrival of the Vine app for Android Smartphones. Therefore this shall be soon made available with the current exhibitions. This application named Vine sets a mandatory requirement of Android 4.0 or higher. However, it is a point to be noted that several features from this iOS app are currently missing, but it is reckoned that this particularized Android version will bestow all the existent features that are currently available on iOS.vine-android
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Utilize TweetAmplius on iOS and write Tweets beyond the traditional ‘140′ Character limit

Social networking has made a significant progress in the lives of people & the associated attachment with respect to them just keeps escalating with every new revelation.  As Twitter advances to become the traditional source of sharing, the medium for interaction amongst others and the place to share some anecdotes or things present on the mind; there is always a constraint that keeps the user from expressing the entire matter in the particular tweet. This is the restriction placed on the character limit with respect to tweeting on a particular thing.

Even though it’s a common aspect that 140 characters is a perfect limit for dishing out the small information, hilarious quotes or opinions about something, however there can be instances & other various situations where you will want to type beyond the dished out limit. Thus to facilitate this aspect a variety of apps are available which serve functional for the completion of this task, but the concern that remains is that these apps are made serviceable with the use of third party clients. Therefore having an application which can intermingle with the traditional Twitter app & still facilitate this functionality is of significant benefit when considering the issue for having more than 140 characters.TweetAmplius

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Add and Sync Google, Gmail, Linkedin, Yahoo & Twitter Accounts on Windows Phone 8

As Smartphones act as mini-computers and provide the replacement for desktop computers, the ease of use facilitated by these devices keeps escalating with faster and efficient improvements. Thus, utilizing the aspects on the particular handset will be an advantageous perspective. Employing the various applications integrated on the device can serve a fruitful purpose in reference to using various apps and services.

Therefore, integrating and syncing the accounts of these services onto our handheld devices is a beneficial task which improves the overall condition at a particular instance of time. Hence, described below is a procedure to add accounts from services like Google, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail and Twitter on your Windows Phone 8.WP8
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