Unlock All Cars and Upgrades in Real Racing 3 on Android

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is one of the leading games produced by EA Games which was launched recently. With hyper-realistic graphics the game leads in terms of graphics in FREE Android games. The game includes 45 licensed cars from leading auto manufacturers like Porsche, Lamborghini, Dodge, Bugatti and Audi. The Realtime Multiplayer gameplay gives it an cutting edge over all other competitors. EA says that the gaming experience in Real Racing 3 is immensely immersive, close to reality and rich, as it’s powered by the new Mint 3 Engine and features persistent car damage, fully functioning rear view mirrors, and dynamic reflections. And, this is for real!

However, one may not have enough time and patience to play the entire game to reap the benefit of driving all cars. But, one can skip playing the entire game and unlock all cars with all upgrades using a few simple steps. Doing so may ruin the game experience as the thrill to unlock new cars is lost.
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Get Unlimited Coins and Unlock all Upgrades in Subway Surfers

Temple Run started the new category in mobile games of “endless running” games. There were many such games that were soon to follow and try to bask in the popularity of Temple Run. Not many could compare Temple Run’s popularity except one; Subway Surfer. Subway Surfer, just like Temple Run has in-game coin system to buy upgrades and unlock characters. Though the game is good, it can sometimes be drab to collect coins to unlock upgrades. Also, the cost of upgrades and the characters is very high making it difficult to buy them using the in-game coins. To make life easier here is an easy method to get unlimited coins in Subway Surfers.

Update– As a newer version of this game has launched, you can have a look at Cheats for Subway Surfers Beijing: Get Unlimited Coins & Keys and Unlock all Surf Boards and Characters.

Subway Surfers unlimited coins and all upgrades unlocked

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