How to Create and Share Photo Albums using Dropbox Android App


Cloud Services are booming and Dropbox is amongst the forerunners in Cloud services. Dropbox has been well established as the preferred cloud service. With it’s seamless integration in the smartphone environment, it has been a hit in both iOS and Android platforms. Dropbox’s unique feature of auto upload of pictures from your smartphone onto your personal cloud is what makes this service stand out from hoards of Cloud Storage services.

Dropbox recently rolled out an update for Android that features a unique feature to share albums. Earlier if you had to share photos via Dropbox, you had to share individual links. But now sharing a group of photos is very easy. With this album share feature, all you have to do is select photos from your Android device, add them to a new album or to a previously created album and share a common link for the album so that anyone can access it. This makes the album sharing an easy task.

Here are few easy steps to share photos via albums.

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