[How To] Get CM10 (JellyBean) on Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray(ST18i)


Jellybean has proven to be a vast improvement over ICS as most Jellybean users have experienced. The performance, the smoothness, the functionality all are a level above ICS. So why wouldn’t everyone want a taste of Jellybean. All Xperia 2011 users are in luck as the Xperia division of CyanogenMod team – FXP(Free Xperia Project) team haven’t yet abandoned you. CM 10 was in the alpha stage for a very long time for the Xperia 2011 series, but it finally has reached a much more usable release. Most of the bugs are fixed except a select few which can be neglected over the overall better performance. Users of Xperia Ray are especially lucky as this excellent piece of hardware works excellent with CM10.

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