New Vine Update for iOS Gets a New Camera, Revining, and channels [Coming soon to Android]

During the time that we saw Facebook give Instagram a new video feature, it was understandably claimed that Vine was supposedly going to move in amidst the shadow of this development. Traditionally even Vine offers to take short videos and post them to a Twitter and Instagram on the news feed type facilitation. Thus it is notably regarded as Twitter’s own short video social network. Hereupon as we view Instagram’s addition of video along-with its branding as a hugely popular photo service, such a development possesses a chance to potentially kill Vine off for good.

However, this was just a suppositioned aspect that was visually looked as an accidental factor. To ensure that such a thing never surfaces up, Vine has released out a new update to the service’s app. The newly updated app provides newer functionalities along-with improving the existing functionality.
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Vine for Android brings the search bar, allowing users search with hashtags and Facebook sharing [Updated]

Users possess a wide variety of apps for Twitter and there are several options to choose from. We had published an article wherein we had presented Top 5 Best Twitter Apps for Android users. Additionally, Vine is also an advantageous functionality that helps to achieve our intended purpose of using Twitter on our handset. This has been available since a long time, but traditionally users have repeatedly criticized the app to be lacking in key features. The most common annoyance was that the lack of key feature like a search bar. Finally this has been implemented with the app and the first update has resulted in porting these features into the specific app.vine-android.
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