Vine establishes separate vanity URL profile reservations for verified Twitter users

Proceeding through the developments, Twitter has lined up significant advancements on verifying users vanity URLs for respective profiles for Vine’s short video service. Individuals will need to navigate to login through their credentials on Vine’s website for reserving the specific URL.URLs

Users who would be verified accordingly, will have their profile usernames reserved automatically. Additionally, individuals have been also presented with the ability to request for usernames as long as it doesnt conflict with any other user’s account. Users are advised to choose these URLs carefully as Twitter reports that these URLs cannot be changed repeatedly.

Users who dont have a blue check besides their profile will need to wait until December 23for receiving a custom link. Unverified accounts wont be having their username URLs reserved, so individuals will need to grab these before they really run out of the available ones.

Such development is an interesting growth for Twitter considering that its expanding into more dimensions than merely staying stagnant with mobiles. This type of growth will prove to be an advantageous aspect for the service as it may aid in grabbing a larger consumer base than the presently available one.

Download and View Vine Videos Offline

Since the time it has been released, Vine has served as a beneficial utility for the users. But, the app requires internet connectivity to work with and users are provided with no option when the user wants to download Vine videos for offline use. Currently users are allowed to share these particularized videos within the individual’s own account or users have the facility to post these on to Twitter.

During the time that users want Vine videos offline, a jailbreak tweak called VineDownloader presents a beneficial utility for the users. As such no complex Settings or configuration will be required and the normal features of Vine keep working efficiently.VineDownloader Continue reading

New Vine Update for iOS Gets a New Camera, Revining, and channels [Coming soon to Android]

During the time that we saw Facebook give Instagram a new video feature, it was understandably claimed that Vine was supposedly going to move in amidst the shadow of this development. Traditionally even Vine offers to take short videos and post them to a Twitter and Instagram on the news feed type facilitation. Thus it is notably regarded as Twitter’s own short video social network. Hereupon as we view Instagram’s addition of video along-with its branding as a hugely popular photo service, such a development possesses a chance to potentially kill Vine off for good.

However, this was just a suppositioned aspect that was visually looked as an accidental factor. To ensure that such a thing never surfaces up, Vine has released out a new update to the service’s app. The newly updated app provides newer functionalities along-with improving the existing functionality.
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