Get Voice notifications on your Android

Earlier we had featured an app called as Voice for Whatsapp which enabled you to get voice notifications for Whatsapp. This also allowed you to send messages via voice input. The interesting thing about this app was that it read out the senders name as well as the message. The developer of this app, pacosal, has introduced major changes to the app that has led to illustrate the changes via this article.

voice notification

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“Voice For Whatsapp” reads out your Whatsapp messages

Whatsapp has gained immense popularity in the past year and its popularity continues to gain higher heights. In a previous post i had shown a really cool MOD to Whatsapp called the Whatsapp plus.

The biggest stir up in app industry has to be voice assistance. Apple began this market with the launch of Siri and many others followed like Samsung’s S-voice, Google’s Google Now and many more.  Our friend pacosal at XDA developers forum has developed a new app that somewhat follows the above trend. Voice for Whatsapp (beta) is the latest mod for Whatsapp that is truly amazing.

Voice for Whatsapp

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