Get Latest version (2.9.4172) of Whatsapp, Optimized for Slower Android Devices

Whatsapp Recently Updated the app and adopted the HOLO theme in order to adapt to the changing interface on Android. The latest App looks spectacular and has been Designed specially for newer devices that have ICS or JB. It also adopts Jellybean’s expandable Notification so that you can read your messages in the notification bar itself rather than launching the app to check for every message that you get.Whatsapp

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How to Hide or Disable WhatsApp “Last Seen” Timestamp On iPhone

WhatsApp has proved to be a significant utility over the course of time. The messaging platform, one of the major successes of the App Store has accrued its way to become an integral part of every user’s lives and is currently the widely used messaging service amongst several users. The gained popularity, higher user base stems from the easy to use functionalities while providing the optimum benefits along these lines. Additionally, it’s highly beneficial for the cross platform messaging peripherals and substantiates a benediction for the users in its own fashionable way.
During the time that updates are functionalized on the platform as with respect to its working, there are some areas which need some thoughtful awareness in the current situation. The fact about the privacy issue stemming forth from the “Last Seen” appearance is a concerning display considering from the privacy point of view. It is also a handy source of information pertaining to the particular user, however it can have its own detrimental effects over the course of time. Hence, a solution has been dished out to improve over such resulting problem causable scenario by hiding or disabling the Timestamp so that other users can’t see when you were last active on the application.WhatsAppLastSeen

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Activate Auto-update on WhatsApp+ Plus

Whatsapp is a popularly acclaimed online messaging app. With it’s growing popularity, but the lack of customization there was a huge demand for an app that could provide the services of Whatsapp with more customizability. This was the inspiration behind the development of Whatsapp+. Whatsapp+ can be downloaded and installed from this article. It features amazing features that the official Whatsapp app doesn’t. The amount of customization in Whatsapp+ is mind boggling. Everything from the contact picture size to font color can be modified in Whatsapp+.

If you are too bored to dwell on the entire feature list you can also simply apply themes for Whatsapp+. However, as Whatsapp+ isn’t an official app it is not available on Google Play. Thus, you cannot receive push notifications of it’s updates. You have to manually update the app. However now Whatsapp+ features an option to auto update the app. From version 2.60 onwards you can set the app to check for updates automatically in a few easy steps.

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Top 3 Alternatives for Whatsapp

Whatsapp has created a huge impact over the instant messaging world. It also holds the top spot, earlier owned by BBM, among all apps providing instant messaging service. With almost infallible service this app never fails to deliver. However, some users aren’t still completely satisfied with the service. Some complain about it’s “last seen” feature being a boon to stalkers. While others complain about it having a very basic look and feel.(If you want to customize Whatsapp you can check out Whatsapp+ ) A few feel it lacks the free SMS service.

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How to Backup WhatsApp messages on Android Smartphone and Email

There have been numerous tips & tricks that have been vividly available to find various tutorials related with WhatsApp. It is self-explainable really when WhatsApp has become the main communication medium and shall continue to be as the days pass by. This is because it is observed because WhatsApp is cheap as compared to the default messaging and normal text messaging. It is also advantageous with the fact that WhatsApp supports multimedia files.


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How to Send Bulk Messages on WhatsApp for Android

There are a plethora of messages that surface up when we move closer to an occasion or a festive is lined up during a particular time reference. Be it a Thanksgiving occasion or New Year’s Eve wishing the other person or messaging the entire list in your contact phone-book is an activity done by most of the individuals. These text messages not only come handy during these times only. When certain groups have to plan out a particular plan and wish to confirm the other person’s availability for the same, sending text messages to all of them at once becomes a highly tedious task.

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How to block certain WhatsApp contacts on Android

The term Whatsapp is a known entity to the current generation who acquaint themselves with smartphones. This has been a commonplace to carry out the conversations in a faster, easier and efficient manner. It appears as the soon to become the communication medium replacing the common ways like communication over a phone calls or texts. The popularity is visibly seen among Smartphone users & it has steadily gained importance in many individual’s life for day-to-day communication and other purposes. The ascension of it’s operation has been due to its features enabling sharing videos, pictures, or even voice.

Although this is a fantastic medium of communication and work a great deal in helping with its useful features, there are certain situations or times when some people just torture or irritate to a large extent. Sometimes it’s bearable staying pissed off, other times one wonders whether blocking them is a perfect scenario. Block contacts on WhatsApp

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