How to display App’s Quick Status on the Lock Screen on your Windows Phone 8

Usually it is an easy process to get all the notifications related with the particular applications. However, Windows Phone 8 provides a propitious way of functionalizing this aspect. This is by displaying these notifications on the lock screen. This approach is an efficient manner to receive all the updates quickly for you without even having you to unlock your particular device. This tutorial helps you to perform this operation like child’s play. Follow the steps to complete the dedicated task.
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How to Access Tabs faster in Internet Explorer on your Windows Phone 8

Utilizing Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8 is an awesome experience and it aids the user in performing the intended tasks. This can range from surfing on the net or visiting social networking websites to other respective tasks depending upon the user and his interests. Usually, its straight forward employing Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8 and using it for the respective purpose; however a situation can arise where the user gets stuck during the time that a new tab needs to open to facilitate effective functioning between tabs for particular purposes.

At the beginning, this process can be complicated with the minimalistic design provided for the user causing hindrances in navigating to the necessitated function. But using the simplistic procedure below, you can easily access all the open tabs and perform the switching operations in an easy fashion. For carrying out the switching operation, you will need to open the menu at first. Hereafter, choose the tab option and then select grid view from the available options. If you plan to manifest this aspect using a simplest procedure ever, then you can move over to the tutorial to carry out the resulting task. The facilitation of this method results in an on-screen tab shortcut being created so that the user can directly go to grid view by just tapping on such an option.wp8

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How to prevent kids from purchasing Apps or Games on your Windows Phone 8

It is a general notion that usually parents give their handset to their children for playing games, using certain applications or other respective tasks. However, during the time that the child plays along on the phone there can be instances when the child visits the Store and downloads certain games or apps without even taking prior permission of the parent or the user. In this fashion the particular individual may purchase apps, download games in a particular time frame without the consent of the user. This can get highly terrifying if your credit card is attached with the account of the user.

Therefore to tackle such a situation and prevent it from happening, the user can facilitate the aspect of employing a PIN code on their device and later configure the system to ask for the code every time the particular individual tries to purchase a app or a game from the Store. The following is the procedural way how this operation can be performed on your Windows Phone 8.wp8
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How to instantly push Links from any desktop browser to any Smartphone

Slowly and steadily as technology evolves by leaps and bounds, the ease of use which is facilitated for the users keeps on improving with every passing instance. Thus, as we advance forward to better disclosures with respect to time the functionality provided by each revelation just keeps bettering the previous ones that are released.
As Smartphones act as mini computers, the aspect of convenience associated in regard for these devices just keeps improving over the course of time. Thus, having an operational service which aids in transferring links, text, images directly on the specific Smartphone is of major significance as it helps in saving time, energy. The best part of the operation is it works on almost all Smartphones, tablets.
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How to Block/Unblock Apps from Running in the Background on Windows Phone 8

During the time that Windows Phone slowly and steadily gains foothold in the market, the variety of apps developed for this platform keeps expanding and ascending. There are newer applications developed which facilitate in performing operations for the user and help in improving the ease of life.

In this fashion at a certain instance of time it may so happen that a plethora of apps are running on the phone, thus end up draining phone’s battery or is responsible for the slow functioning of the device as these apps get populated on the device. There is a possibility provided to disable such unwanted tasks but along with these apps there are applications also running in the background. For the reason that Windows Phone 8 performs specific periodic tasks which continuously run in the background even if the main app isn’t functional at that instance of time.windows_phone_8
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How to put into practice Windows Phone 7 on your iPhone

As the trend with respect to Smartphones surfaces up with respect to developments that are facilitated through-out the sightings seen in the public’s eye, it is a thought-provoking approach as to whether there can be an incorporation of certain experimentation on them. Very often, an Android phone serves advantageous in this regard with the benefits that are provided & the self-customization & other opportunities dished out with respect to various procedures.Windows-Phone-7-demo-on-iPhone

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