Apply Custom Skins to Windows 8 Phones using Skinery Tiles Pro

Windows 8 phones are best known for it’s live tiles that attract many. However, the options to customize these tiles are very few. You can only change  the color and size, of each tile. Often you must have envied your Friend’s Android devices. Where they can change every aspect of their device according to their need. Ever wanted to have a wallpaper in the home screen of your WP8 device? Here is an app that will address to all of these issues called as the Skinery Tiles PRO.

Skinery Tiles Pro is a unique app that can apply themes(wallpapers) over your live tiles in WP8 devices. It is allows you to download themes or use your own pictures to make new themes. The app currently supports various third party apps like YouTube, WhatsApp, Spotify, etc. It supports almost all Stock apps. However, it cannot apply themes over Phone, Messaging and People Hub because they are restricted by Microsoft.

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