Save Battery Life by disabling one core in Dual Core Android devices

Android Smartphones can somewhat act as a mini-computer and enable the user to do all the work on the go. Considering the advantages offered by the Android OS, the biggest drawback that comes to the mind is the limited battery life. All Android Smartphones whether low-end or high-end, have an average battery life of just 12-15 hours. And if the phone is used throughout the day, then the battery life is even less than 12 hours.

There are a number of ways of improving the battery life- setting the brightness to minimum, turning off the auto-sync, disabling 3G network etc. There is another technique for users having an Android with a dual core processor. The user can disable one core of the processor and increase the battery life. For this an app named XCore will have to be used.Save-android-battery-life
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