[MOD] Get Xperia Z Boot Animation on your Rooted Android Device

Xperia Z is Sony’s Current Flagship Device for 2013. Recently, the entire System Dump of Xperia Z was leaked on the Internet which gave away almost all of it’s content available for download. You can easily apply Xperia Z’s Wallpaper on your Android device¬†or Install the Home Launcher and Widgets of the Xperia Z on any Android. Known for it’s beautiful UI, Xperia Z doesn’t disappoint you with it’s Boot Animation either. The Boot Animation of Xperia Z can be easily applied to any Rooted Android Device. Boot Animation is the Animation that is displayed while your phone is booting (i.e. Starting up) Every Manufacturer has his own specific Boot Animation.

Here is a Preview of Xperia Z’s Boot Animation:
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