[How to] Install Xperia Z3 Smart Social Camera on other Sony devices

Sony devices are known for their excellent camera quality. It all started with the Xperia Z1 which had a 20.7 MP camera. The Z2 and Z3 also have the same 20.7 MP camera. Besides the impressive specs, Sony also has the Smart Social Camera application. This app is revamped and given numerous new features to enhance the device’s photo and video capturing experience.

XDA Recognized Themer xperiaz2 has been able to port the Z3’s Smart Social Camera app on other Xperia devices running on Android 4.3 and above. Due to the common framework shared by the devices, the port doesn’t compromise on any of the features, packing all the original features such as Face In and AR Fun. Follow the instructions given below to install it on your device.


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