Get the New Sony Walkman Player App on your old Xperia Android Smartphones from 2011

All the new Xperia 2012 line of phones come built in with Sony’s trademark Walkman Player App and Sound Enhancement with Beats by Dr. Dre. Now, the superior sound quality of this combo can be experienced by users owning a phone of the Xperia 2011 series too!

As compared to the older music player provided by Sony, the Walkman features Cover flow styled “Now Playing” list and a full fledged Visualizer! With some amazing looks and superior sound quality the walkman player is a must have for all the Xperia owners. Packaged with the beats audio system it gives some really deep bass effects that can blow your ears!

New Sony Xperia Walkman Player App

Here is a short Tutorial on how to get the Walkman player on your Xperia 2011 phone. This has been made possible by our friend, ThilinaC from the XDA forums.


Disclaimer: By following this tutorial you agree that the Rooting process will be implemented at your own risk. No member of this site will be responsible for any bricked phones!


  1. Once you’ve downloaded the file, place it in the root of your SDcard.
  2. Now Reboot into recovery. If you don’t know how to reboot into recovery, check our Reboot recovery tutorial.
  3. Once in Recovery mode, navigate to Flash Zip from SDcard.
  4. Then navigate to the file you downloaded.
  5. Select it and soon the zip will be flashed onto your device.
  6. Now Reboot the phone!

CONRATULATIONS! Now your Music App on the Xperia phone has been replaced by the Sony Xperia Walkman player.