How to Preload YouTube Videos on Android beforehand to Save Battery and Bandwidth

Viewing videos on YouTube is a common activity. This operation happens quite frequently & is prevalent amongst the individuals who buffer these videos on Smartphones regardless of the Internet connection present now. As Smartphones act as the most characteristic gadget present along with many users currently, plenty times it so happens that the video is played on the device rather than buffering it on the desktop computer.

There is specific data plan for the mobile Internet connection. Hence, there is dedicated speed limit for it. We have already seen how we can go about finding the internet speeds through this article. But, at this point of time we are concerned as to how can we buffer videos staying in constraints of our data plan limits & also end up saving time, money & battery life of the

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[How To] Download YouTube videos on Android device

How many times has this happened to you? You are trying to stream a video on Youtube, and suddenly you receive a call or a message popup and the entire streamed video is lost. It really gets annoying when this happens. You see some cool video on YouTube and want to show it to your friends later, you have to rebuffer the entire video.¬†Or sometimes when you Scroll ahead or behind in the video the buffer is lost and the YouTube app again starts buffering. A total waste of time and data isn’t?

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