Mozilla launches the ZTE Open C and Open II, Firefox OS smartphones slated to arrive this year

Mozilla has officially launched the Open C and Open II, two newfangled devices which will run on Firefox OS (Mozilla’s own operating system). These revelations arrive as successors to the already existent ZTE Open smartphone, the device that was released in 2013.

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Nokia rises up to fourth position in the US smartphone market

As we proceed forward to an age wherein the tussle between platforms for mobile devices accrues up to a competing stage, we are presented with several other platforms that remain existent in this competitive market. Although iOS and Android platforms remain dominant forces in this fiercely competing domain, Windows Phone has managed to emerge through as the balancing factor as the competition for platforms for mobile devices grows through.

After reaching a stumbling block with respect to progress against other rival competitors, Nokia has managed to advance its way through to reach up at the fourth place in the US Smartphone Continue reading

ZTE Geek U988S touted as world’s first NVIDIA Tegra 4 phone; apparently on its way to China Mobile

A while ago, we have seen the announcements regarding the appearance of the first Tegra 4-based handset in the world. This was suppositioned through the leaks, & even now this has been leaked online. The source to this information has been posted by none other than ZTE itself.ZTE-Geek-U988S
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