As we advance forward with respect to several developments in technology, the ease of use facilitated by the specific applications continues to amaze us with the efficiency and simplicity provided by these aspects. There are a plethora of notable entities that serve fruitful in various circumstances and thus expedite the resulting process of performing actions in an effective manner.

Multitasking is a traditional benchmark when considered with the current generation of handsets. The ease of use, proficient working of the intended task helps the user in overcoming the time restrictions and thus ends up performing activities in a super-fast manner thus saving time. Along these lines, ReLaunch is an application which serves beneficial in that aspect that the particular individual can easily switch between apps or launch new apps employing this on their device.ReLaunch

The peculiarity of the application is that the user can open any specific app from any specific screen. Traditionally, the individual has to direct to default home screen or app launcher to open a specific application. However, in this case a smart accessible shortcut is provided to the user so the individual can navigate to other screen whenever he/she wants to go. In this fashion, the user can go to the desired application or game by simply pressing down near the edge of the screen.

Preferences ReLaunch

The user can customize the specific attributes as per the individual’s wish and can change areas based on the activation of the ReLaunch application. Thereupon its appearance, all installed apps are shown according to category. Hence, a user will need to drag over labels and to a respective app. Also changes can be enforced on left or right side or even a specific side or otherwise the side’s top portion can begin the persistent launcher.

The best part about ReLaunch is that it doesn’t act as a replacement for the existent home launcher. It acts just as an additional complement. Also, it works in conjunction with home launchers like ADW Launcher, LauncherPro and Go Launcher EX etc.

ReLaunch launcher

Just like a coin has two sides, ReLaunch also has a disadvantage that can prove irritating for the users. Sometimes the presence of it during other instances of typing can result in ineffective utility. This is during the time when the user presses in a hard manner on certain areas of the screen. In such cases, accidental switching of application can occur when typing or tapping in a specific area on the browser. Therefore, the user has to ensure the limitation of the area of the app.Calibrate ReLaunch

Additionally, there are advantageous features provided in the form of manual categorization, choosing the highlight color, change icon size, and sort apps alphabetically or recently used apps. This application is available for free & can be downloaded from here.

Also, the pro version can be downloaded at a particular price. This can be downloaded from here.

A video demo represents the same:

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