Taking screenshots is a usual facilitation on your specific handset. These resultant depictions can be used for a plethora of purposes. And these can be removed based upon the user’s preferences or requirements. Screenshots are taken on any platform and it depends on device to device with respect to taking them. It is a general facilitation that the composition of the device isn’t a great factor for residing such functionality. But whenever we take out a screen shot, usually we need to use a photo editor for cropping the same.
Traditionally there are handful ways for getting pre-cropped screenshots on both the PC and Mac, iOS. However in cases you would just want a small part from the entire screenshot. Likewise a jailbreak tweak called ScreenshotPlus serves as the advantageous factor in completing the dedicated operation.ScreenshotPlus

ScreenshotPlus is a paid app but it offers a wide range of propitious functionalities during the time that you deal with screenshots. Various intercepts from the ScreenshotPlus suggest that the tweak is responsible for taking of pre-cropped screenshots via the magic of Activator. It is simple to use and an easy Activator action can begin the whole necessitated purposes with the area to be cropped highlighted in a blue box. Therefore it is time efficient and saves the user from the tedious process of using an editor for cropping the particularized image later. Hence the user has the beneficial aspect of messing around with screenshots.


Thus this tweak aims at targeting a particularized area and facilitates the necessitated benefits aimed at certain specific requirements for people. It is priced just less than a dollard and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repository.

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