Sometimes organizing a list of to-do activities, noting down an agenda for the day, implementing a dedicated plan is a tedious task and gruelling if to be performed separately aside on the paper. However, there are certain apps present which allow the user to create to-do lists. This is a fantastic prospect, but during instances the user can neglect the possibility or the alarm in case of busy times or when the user can’t access the handset at that particular point of time.

Therefore, having an app that facilitates this aspect as well as provides additional further benefits to the entire situation is of considerable importance than merely creating to-do lists. Enter Task Paper!

This is an app which is responsible in creating the exact to-do task functionality, however the best part is that the user won’t ever forget such tasks because the list is placed on the lockscreen or either as a wallpaper on the Springboard.Task Paper app

Once the application is downloaded, the individual gets directed to the home screen of the application. Here, you will see lists which are already available by default. Look out for the “+” sign at the top right corner. This option helps in creating your own list.Task List

A checkmark option is presented for the individual at the bottom of the screen. Tap on this and afterwards the added tasks get marked as completed. The user can view the completed tasks in the all option. Here, the to-do tasks are listed as pending. Hereafter, tap on the arrow displayed at the bottom right corner of the screen. This is only done after the individual initially makes a desired task list or selects a default task from the listed ones.  Task Paper

Extended Menu and Auto Correct are the two toggles presented in the Settings menu. The benefit of the extended keyboard includes that emoticons and numbers can be added along with intended task. Eventually, you are redirected to a new screen. Once, the aforementioned possibility is done, two options are dished out for the users. The first one is the manifestation of this task to be mailed to a list of your contacts or otherwise wallpaper can be created for the list.To Do list as wallpaper

At this time are pending tasks are displayed as a wallpaper from the specific list. There are various options provided to customize the exhibitoned aspect. The user can tap “Photos option” present at bottom left to add the individual’s own photos or a specific color can be chosen from the “Text color option” at the bottom right. Thereupon, hit the “Save option” on the top right corner of the screen.

Once these wallpapers are created, these specific ones can be added to the SpringBoard or the lockscreen. The only drawback is that the user will have to create new wallpaper every time the user creates a separately new list. Task Paper app is available for free can be downloaded from here.

If the user wants a substitute of the same, Reminders+ the Cydia tweak serves the purpose in this regard.

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