Slowly and steadily as innovations present their arrival in the realms of possibilities, the amount of disclosures that are available keep ascending with every passing arrival. We saw the launch of Appleā€™s new 16 GB iPod touch previously, now we are have presented with some eye-opening divulgence with respect to the teardown of this specific entity. The teardown experts at iFixit have substantiated a claim producing an effort on representing how this specified revelation differs internally from its larger-capacity siblings.ipod touch 5-16gb teardown

It is already known that the 16 GB model lacks the presence of a rear camera and additional support for Apple’s Loop wrist strap; hence iFixit devised a methodology to browse how these implemented changes will affect the particularized layout for the respective device’s components. Comparing to the old design, in the area where the rear camera resided previously; the new iPod touch has a small void in that position. Also, a handful of the flex cables have also been rerouted slightly. Moreover the microphone has been moved over onto the top edge of the device. Other than these characterizations, the components layout is similar to the fifth-generation iPod touch models.ipod touch 5 16gb-teardown

Additionally, the facilitation of the logic board is similar to the one resident on the larger-capacity iPod touch models. Along these lines, it populates the same chips along with the significant exception of 16 GB of flash memory than 32 GB or 64 GB. The point to be noted is the blank spot location where ideally the connector for the rear camera cable would have resided.

Furthermore settling at the bottom is a manifestation of a certain void where in the post for attaching the Loop wrist strap would be located. This revelation is priced at $229 so that it allows Apple to discontinue the fourth-generation iPod touch models which were initially being sold at $199 (16 GB) and $249 (32 GB). These were sold in conjunction with the respective fifth-generation models that were introduced last year.

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