The Temple Run 2 game does not need any introduction for Smartphone users. It is quite likely that you have either played it to your heart’s extent or watched someone play it till the longest of times. But, Playing Temple Run 2 on PC is a nice experience too.
Temple Run 2
If you don’t happen to own a Smartphone or wish to Play Temple Run 2 on your Desktop or Laptop computer, we can help you. You can check out our new series where we tell you how you can play Android Apps on PC, where we started with the tutorial to Download WeChat for PC. So, How to Install and Run Temple Run 2 Game on PC?

Steps to Download Temple Run 2 on PC

For running Temple Run 2 on PC, we need an Emulator can run Android Apps and Games on the computer. So, download BlueStacks from here and install it with the help on on-screen steps. It may take upto 15-20 minutes for installation and downloading additional files inside Bluestacks.

One, Bluestacks is ready, you can search for “Temple Run 2” in the Search option, which looks like the Magnifying Glass symbol on the Homescreen of the software.

Once the search is complete, it will show various App stores from where you can download the game. Select the Other Sources App Store(column 1) and do NOT select the Amazon or Google Play Store versions. After selecting the App store, it will start downloading the App.

Temple Run 2 Full version game is available for free download, so you do not need to worry about paying for it.

Installing Temple Run 2 on PC

Once, downloading the game file is complete, it will Install it automatically and you will see a small notification balloon in the Taskbar.
Temple Run 2 for PC
Now, you can see the Game icon on the Bluestacks Homescreen. This shows that the installation is successful and you can use the App.

Playing Temple Run 2 on Computer

You can just click the Icon of the game to initiate the game inside the Bluestacks Emulator. The background music also works perfectly fine even on the PC.

Temple Run 2 Controls on PC:

  1. Left Arrow on Keyboard for Left Turn
  2. Right Arrow on Keyboard for Right Turn
  3. Up Arrow on Keyboard for Jumping
  4. Down Arrow on Keyboard for Sliding
  5. Z and X on Keyboard for Running on ledges

Let us know, How is you experience of Playing Temple Run 2 on your computer.

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