WhatsApp and BlackBerry’s BBM are the most common apps used nowadays to text and chat. Before these apps were launched, text messages were the only way to chat using a cell phone. Though majority of people have shifted to WhatsApp and BBM, there are some people who still prefer to use the traditional messaging method.

Walking Text1

The Walking Text is an app which is specially made for those who still use text messages. Walking Text is sending SMS messages with camera preview. This application is specially designed for maximum camera interface on background. Unlike other applications an individual can easily do everything from one screen with totally transparent keyboard.That way it supplies more efficiency while walking and texting.

Walking Text3

The Walking Text is ideal for those individuals who use the SMS text messages day and night. We can all admit to texting when we really should be paying attention to the world around us. Usually it doesn’t result in anything bad, but there is always that danger of walking into a wall. If an individual is engrossed in messaging while walking on the road, then it can result in an accident. The Walking Text app helps out those wanting to text while walking. Walking Text is a very unique application, as it offers something you don’t see every day. It works by activating the camera and overlaying this on the screen. It then allows the user to send SMS messages while the camera is on via a transparent keyboard.

The user might be concerned that this app might consume a lot of battery life. However the amount of battery consumption of this app is really low. So the user need not worry. There are some shortcomings in this app. The character count is missing and also it does not have support for Landscape mode. It only works on the Portrait mode.

Other notable features are:

  • QWERTY full transparent keyboard
  • Flash Led turn on/off from keyboard
  • With Capture key from keyboard you can take picture any time you want while texting
  • Semi transparent QWERTY keyboard which can used instead of
    full transparent
  • Reaching all contacts within the application while camera preview is resuming
  • Notification service for incoming SMS and Delivery Report support with on/off options
  • Changing text size and color support.

Download the Walking Text app from here.

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