Sports addiction is a common terminology associated with people around the world. Some treat it like passion, some like religion. As the diversity vary, sporting interests vary; each individual follows a sport according to his/her own choice.The adrenaline of the game keeps on ticking our pulses constructing restlessness, tension while enjoying the living experience of any sport.

Just for an example:- Football is associated with passion, emotion, excitement and dedication across the entire globe. The obsession is palpably visible when we unite with animated conversations with our friends, or with family members during dinner time or crazy reactions while in front of  the television. The intensity is such that we get to relive the moments of excitement, joy and also others involving sadness and tears.

Thuuz App for Android

When sports keep us so occupied and become almost a habitual action, it is indeed mandatory to follow an app that sends updates consistently on our preferred selected sports and notifies us when there are really good games going on along-with various other personalization functions. Thus, it makes life simpler and easier with the privilege that we can tune into sports anytime. Also solves our conundrum when we have two big leading teams playing on the same day, we can check this app for figuring out the exciting game and keeping track of the other game.

Thuuz currently scrutinizes amongst a variety of sports right now NFL,NHL and ranging to Footbal(EPL, Seria A, La Liga), Cricket, etc. The app is an overseer of heterogeneity sports such as NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, Soccer, Cricket, Rugby as well as college sports like Football and Basketball.

Thuus App Thuuz App comments

The features of the app are as follows:

  •  The elementary feature allows the user to pick their favorite sports, teams, players and also set their excitement threshold. As simple as a not burdensome activity to go through all available random news and updates
  • It is manifested to aid watching game details, including scores, stats, recaps and highlights along the course of the game or after it. Not only is this provided, Thuuz also rates the excitement level of the games on a 0-100 scale and tell the user where the individual can watch the game live if he/she is so inclined
  • “Thuuz It!” With this electrifying aspect users are able to alert friends by sharing great game by just clicking “Thuuz It”. The feature that is amazingly provided is we can see all the recommended games on the news dashboard icon “Thuuzes” and can manage friends and invite them to join the Thuuz network. This specific activity can be managed in the the Thuuz “Friends” section.
  • It resolves simplicity by enabling/disabling push notifications from the app’s settings screen. The excitement threshold of our favorite sport can be adjusted accordingly and also availability included to get notified instantly when interesting events happen.

A Demonstration of the Thuuz app for Google TV

Thus ” Thuuz ” ensures that we don’t miss a simple moment from the gripping matches and keeps us on track of the captivating sports updates.

Check the Official website of the Thuuz App. Download the App from the Google Play Store : Download Link

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