There are various ways to multi-task on an Android device. With Samsung introducing the multi-window feature, even Sony devices brought in the Small Apps feature to help perform more than one task at a time. But these features are device specific! They cannot be used on all Android devices.


XDA Forum Member wutk3ksHD has come up with his creation – Tiny Apps. This App is similar to the Small Apps found in some Sony devices. Tiny Apps is a collection of five useful floating utilities – Tiny Notes, Tiny Recorder, Tiny Paint, Tiny Music Player and Tiny Calculator. These five floating utilities have the ability to hover over any other App.

Tiny Apps1

Tiny Note is just like a notepad! Using it, an individual can create a note, make changes to the note, open a saved note, share the text directly from the app. It also supports the copy and paste functions. So instead of keeping a separate app for notes, this wonderful app can be used.

Tiny Recorder can be used to start a new recording. It is also possible to save it to the storage. The user can even delete and share recordings.


Tiny Paint is another wonderful utility found in this app. It allows an individual to draw anything on screen, save and open drawings, undo and clear option. In addition to this, there are 36 colors available for usage.

Tiny Apps also has a Music Player embedded in it. It is possible to perform these functions while using another app – list all audio files on your device, display artist, title and album cover, play/pause, next, previous and random/repeat functions.

Tiny Calculator is the last utility found in this great app. Both basic as well as scientific calculator is available. The user can switch between basic and scientific with a simple swipe and can copy results to clipboard.

Tiny Apps window can be moved around anywhere on the screen. They can easily be re-sized on the fly by simply grabbing the bottom corner and dragging it out. It also has a widget that can be placed on your home screen, which lets you launch any individual Tiny App. 

There are two versions of Tiny Apps on the Google Play Store – Tiny Apps Lite and Tiny Apps Pro. The Pro version enables the user to dock windows to the left side of the screen and adjust a window’s transparency by using the volume buttons.
Download Tiny Apps Lite from here.
Download Tiny Apps Pro from here.

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