Many a times small tips or tricks make life much easier. Same applies for all electronic gadgets. It’s not  very long ago that Microsoft’s Surface tab was launched. For all those Microsoft enthusiasts who already own a Surface Tab, here is a list of tips, hints and registry tweaks for your Surface Tablet.

  1. Select a photo or a file: Simple flick up or down on multiple files to select it. Multiple files can be shared.
  2. Take a screenshot: Press and hold the home button as well as the volume down button. The screen will dim for a moment and take a screenshot. You can later access it in the Photos app.
  3. Allow Media on SD card to be discovered by appropriate apps: At the moment you can only browse and open media on a SD card on surface using file explorer. They do are not recognized by the appropriate apps. Go to search > select settings and type in “disk management”. An option called “create and format hard disk partitions” will appear. click on it and a window called “disk management will open.You will see that your microSD card has already been assigned a drive letter. Right-click your “Removable” drive and select “Change Drive Letter and Paths for…” Once the card has already been inserted and assigned a drive letter, you cannot simply click “Change…” here (the option you need will be grayed out). So you have to click “Remove”. Now the only option you have is “Add…”. Click it and you will see the option “Mount in the following empty NTFS folder:” Select “browse” and Create a folder in your Users directory or in C:. For instance, C:\Users\username\microSD. Select that folder.You are now able to treat your microSD like any other folder in Windows 8, including adding to Libraries like Pictures, Video and Music etc.
  4. Hide photos from Photos app: Make a new folder and add all the photos you wish to hide from photos app. Now right click the folder and Properties>advanced>Uncheck “Allow files in this folder to have contents indexed”. Now go to Control Panel> Indexing options>Advanced>Rebuild. This will rebuild the indexing of files and will dis include the photos that you places in the new folder.
  5. Block advertisements: Open Desktop Internet Explorer and go into Internet Options. Click on the Programs tab and then on Manage Add-Ons. Click on Tracking Protection and then Get a Tracking Protection List Online. Add a couple from the list, such as EasyList and Fanboy. Save and exit.

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